Performances and Productions

I have always had a strong interest in production, (since working with Stars on Ice, assisting my mother who was serving as the production assistant)  as well as figure skating shows, so it is not surprising (to me, anyway) that I directed and produced a few skating productions of my own.

Since 2010 I have put together the Skating Club of Lake Placid Whiteface Lodge Ice Shows located on the outdoor ice rink at the Whiteface Lodge resort in Lake Placid. I also perform in these shows. Previous solo performances include at the benefit “Tribute to Life” show in Newington Connecticut alongside World and National level skaters, and several solos in various other productions in the metro NY area. Here are some of my performances over the years.

“Let it Go” — 2016

Ave Maria–2016

Easter Parade–2013


2009 – “You Raise Me Up”, Tribute to Life show, Newington Connecticut


In 2012 and 2013, I directed Lake Placid Holiday Dreams on Ice (for the Holiday Stroll Shopping Weekend) based on my original concept; a family comes to Lake Placid on the Holiday Shopping weekend, and lives various magical fantasies that only Lake Placid can provide. The show incorporated local, regional, and national skaters, as well as starring Olympic and World level talent.





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