Figure Skating

I competed in figure skating from 1998 until 2009 . Although I won several competition events, I am highlighting the ones I am most proud of (and the ones I remember!)

ISI Championships, Lake Placid, NY (1998): Two gold medals

New York, NY (2003): Gold medal in the Middle Atlantic Championships, pre-juvenile.

Empire State Winter Games, Lake Placid, NY (2008): Silver Medal, Junior Ladies

Seven-Time North Atlantic Regional Championships Competitor

Competitor at the 2009 State Games of America (Junior Ladies).


I earned my United States Figure Skating Gold Medal for Moves in the Field in 2008, and am currently working towards a second Gold Medal for Freestyle.


I have skated in many shows, but sadly only have video for a few of them.

I was thrilled to be featured as a soloist at the Skate for Life show in Hartford, CT in 2009, 2010, and 2012.

I also skated in several Saturday Night Ice Shows and Skating Club of Lake Placid shows.

Before coming to Lake Placid, I skated in several shows including a starring role in 2002′s “The Nativity on Ice” (as Mary), in which I performed both a solo and an ice dance performance with the other principal skater, US National Adult Medalist Jason Crawford (Joseph). I also performed in various club productions.

2010–SCLP show:



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